Accurity Consolidated

Delivering valuation products with a focus on speed, quality, and customer service.

Our Vision: Nationwide access to same-day appraisal reports, produced by a team of innovative valuation professionals.


Mark Verrett, CEO

Mark Verrett, CEO, leads a team of valuation professionals with the goal of changing and bettering the valuation industry. He is a second-generation appraiser focused on modernization and efficiencies in the real estate space. Previously, Mark served as the Chief Innovation Officer for Accurity. He has also been a director in a national real estate database company, leading the development of innovative software and applications in real estate. Mark was also selected to serve the Appraisal Institute nationally as third director of Region VIII. Mark’s extensive level of experience in the analysis of the appraisal process allows Accurity to provide a level of speed and efficiency to clients that is unmatched in the industry.

Michael Breidenbach, Chairman

Michael Breidenbach, Accurity's former CEO and now Chairman of the Board, has spent over 30 years in the real estate, mortgage, and appraisal industries where he held a variety of national level executive positions. His professional experience also includes founding his own companies both in and out of the real estate space. This expanse of expertise gives him a unique perspective on the valuation industry. Michael is able to leverage his experience using the industry services, combined with his leadership expertise to position Accurity as a cutting-edge industry leader.

Global Appraisal Team