Accurity Consolidated

For our Certified Residential Appraisers, the sky is the limit.

Our appraisers have vast opportunities for personal and professional growth, top salaries with impressive bonuses, and a whole lot of recognition along the way.

Trust us, this is seriously exciting.

It may sound a bit different than what you're used to, but that's why it's changing the industry in all the best ways. Take the leap with Accurity and be a part of a movement like the appraisal world has never seen.

Perks & benefits

Your talent will always be appreciated and rewarded at Accurity.

Earn $100,000 - $170,000 +

401(k) & 401(k) Matching

Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance

Paid Time Off

Flexible Schedule

Professional Development

Referral Program

Training Bonuses

Encouraged Naps

Pass on your talent

You're a pro - you know it and we know it. You have a ton of appraisal knowledge and expertise to pass on to aspiring appraisers. As a Salaried Supervisory Appraiser, or Precision of Discipline Appraiser (POD - don't worry, you'll learn all about it), you have opportunities for a lot more cash, personal fulfillment, and oh, we think you'll be pretty excited about this - a heck of a lot more free time. In this role, you will work with a team to turn around appraisals faster than you ever imagined, resulting in more production and less work on your end.

The Appraisal Industry needs new, innovative ideas & the collaboration of top talent with a unique vision. Let's show this industry what we can do - together.

Do you think you know the next great Accurity team member?

Accurity Consolidated is an independently owned mega franchise of Accurity Valuation